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Safe Hand Washing with Modere

Now that you are washing your hands many times a day, do you find that your hands get sore? Find out how Modere Hand Wash can help ..

Sleep and the microbiome

Our sleep .. the subject is huge, interesting and worth investigating .. Let's find out about the microbiome, serotonin and melatonin. What can we do to make sleeping better?


SueBWelcome to Sunday! The second day of our weekend! I added those exclamation marks as, with the restrictions we are now under, the weekend days are feeling very different and with it being Monday tomorrow ..

Happy New Year!! 2020!! the New Year .. minerals for your body

minerals and the bodyMinerals allow the body to work properly and stay healthy. As the body is unable to make minerals we have to be certain all the minerals our body needs each day are in the food we eat.

Your personal energy, body in balance .. want to try wheat-free?

body in balanceI choose to eat without wheat. Wouldn’t change it. It allows me to eat what I want, I eat plenty of the right foods. Might you like to eat without wheat?

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