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keep colds away with EchinaceaIf I ever find myself asking the question “Am I getting a cold?” or “Am I getting a sore throat?” Or, if I have been in a room, or on a bus, where other people seem to be coughing or spluttering, I quickly take an Echinacea Tablet.

Have a packet of Echinacea tablets ready .. Be prepared! Winter is here ..

I have not had a cold, sore throat or flu for years, I have no intention of allowing such a thing to happen! I make sure I have a packet of Echinacea tablets in stock.

Echinacea is a herb which works efficiently and well. I have taken one of the Modere Echinacea tablets today... This is a busy, beautiful time of year, no wish to catch a cold!

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Keep happy, keep healthy, keep smiling, stand tall, breathe deep!

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