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What we can do to stay healthy

Whether we are in lockdown or still under restrictions we know we must follow the safety guidelines and live in a way which will help our body to stay healthy.

In order to do this we can look at the way in which we eat, drink, breathe, exercise, stand, sit, think and more... During a time of uncertainty let's investigate the things we can control.

Why did I choose to eat wheat-free?

At one point during my career, when working flat out, I took a week’s break. Where did I go and what happened? I have written an article for my old school .. hoping to inspire the young not to diet too drastically ..

Are we coming out of or are we staying in lockdown?

Halfway out of lockdown? Did we learn things which we will now always have as an important part of our daily life?

Keeping immune system up to scratch

We want and need a healthy immune system as, even though we have been instructed to stay socially distanced from other people, we need to help the body be a barrier which will stop germs and unhelpful bacteria from getting inside

Modere's commitment to excellence

modere innovationMODERE’s clean label promise means you always have safe, effective alternatives to the products you and your family use and depend on every day, at the same time it means you are helping to create a healthier planet for future generations.

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