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SueBWelcome to Sunday! The second day of our weekend! I added those exclamation marks as, with the restrictions we are now under, the weekend days are feeling very different and with it being Monday tomorrow with so many people now having to work in new conditions or not work, we are all adjusting.

It is odd and yet, as we are all in some kind of self-isolation together, it seems to feel ok

What do we need to do? Obviously different things for different people yet not so different. We need to drink water, plenty of it. We need to wash our hands. We need to keep physically apart. We need food. We need sleep. We need to stay at home. We all need breakfast, lunch and dinner.

That sounds like a lot of ‘need to do's’. Let's be empowered by them. Let’s use these ‘need to do's’ and add our own ‘to do’ list so we can use this isolation time to shape our day and indeed shape our current life.

This will be like offering ourselves a re-boot and, if we think carefully, we should be able to re-boot quite well.

If we are self-isolating properly, we are away from the diversion and distraction of any outside disturbance which will allow us to carry on well, for us to be in charge of us.

I think we need to set ourselves a standard, a personal routine. To get up on time, each morning, to breathe deep and have our shoulders back as we stretch, then to drink some water. Perhaps to do some exercise, a little or a lot, with or without exercising with a program on our mobile or tablet. We can do the exercise on a mat or a towel whilst still in our bedroom, or bathroom, exercise a little or a lot, open the window, look at the sky .. think about now .. we are going to make good use of today. Let's make a plan for ourselves. A daily plan, a weekly plan. Are we going to achieve? Even if this achieving is to do the quietest of jobs or to sit and read, it is to do whatever we have on our plan.

That is for tomorrow morning. Get to bed on time tonight!

The It's Your Life personal routine. Starting tomorrow morning, important to enjoy Sunday and to get to bed on time.

Tomorrow morning, after the exercise, drink some more water, take your minerals and have a good breakfast, then shower and get dressed, then to write the plan.

Importantly, with breakfast and with lunch and dinner, use the ingredients you have purchased, hopefully sensibly purchased, to eat good meals. To eat well. To chew well. To eat until full, recognise full, then to stop eating. Stopping eating means no grazing.

Indeed, now we are self-isolating we have the chance to tidy our room, our apartment or our house such that there isn't any food lying around tempting us to nonchalantly pick up bits of food and graze. To do no grazing will give the body the time it requires after eating to digest the food properly. Some ‘no food’ time. Notice how it feels. It feels good. It feels as if giving the digestive system some respect. To be away from food and away from eating gives some truly free time. Who are we, each of us, who are we when we are away from food? We can use our time well. This whole ‘is this or is this not the weekend’ question can now be answered for each of us, as we can now decide how we plan to make use of every day. What a chance! There is no immediate deadline. We just have to write the plan so that it feels timetabled and worthy. This is Sunday, is it time to start writing a list of the things you want on the plan to do this week? Or is the plan to write the plan after breakfast tomorrow? You can decide, you are the one in charge of you! This is going to be good!!

Often on normal weekends we get some of the jobs done and leave the rest for another day because there isn't enough time to finish everything, but now, during our isolation weeks or months, there is time. The big question is whether we will be disciplined enough to do the jobs? Will the whole idea that there is no immediate deadline lull us into laziness? No, we do not want laziness, we are going to write our list. Our list of the all jobs we would like to have done. No calling someone to help, this is a list of tasks and fun activities for us to do on our own. We can be the boss, the guide, the worker and the applauder. We say when the job is finished. We feel good about it and set a reward. Preferably not some sticky, sugary reward, perhaps the reward will be the chance to watch some great program we recorded.

There's another thing we can add to our list - to watch some of the pre-recorded, not yet watched films, or to read the books which have been awaiting our attention for way too long.

We need to draw a chart or work on the laptop, tablet or mobile to schedule the items on our list. To make our weekly timetable. Setting the days and the hours at which these jobs will be carried out, include meal times too. We can start by doing one or two of the jobs today:

Job 1: Make a list of the jobs.

Job 2: Timetable these jobs.

Job 3: Finish any outstanding washing up. (Add cleaning various shelves/cupboards in the kitchen to the list).

Job 4: Shower (do your skincare and make-up if you like to do that).

Job 5: Get dressed, being sure to wear some gorgeous clothes. You are going to see you and you like to look good. xx

Job 6: Start work or start your own personal school or start writing, reading, music, dancing, dusting, cleaning, cooking, decorating, phoning, texting, spending time on the Internet, ironing, cupboard emptying, sorting the wardrobe, going through the clothes to make new choices or to decide some are due for the charity shop, dust, learn a new language ... the list goes on. It is your list. Make it thorough. In years to come let's look back on this Spring/Summer 2020 as the time we enjoyed doing "XYZ".

Happy end of March. I'm already looking forward to the next newsletter all about sleep.

There's a good point. Use this isolation time to get to bed and to sleep on time each night .. then waking up in the morning can start to happen without needing to use an alarm. The chance to enjoy getting up and getting busy! Much more fun than being tired. Early nights.

Hope it all goes well.


PS I’ll certainly be taking my Mineral Classic, Protozymes, Echinacea and Omega 3 each morning. Plus I shall be using the Hand Wash which is so soothing and, perhaps, the Bubble Bath.

With gratitude I would like to thank Modere who are working in shifts to allow for sensible social distancing.


A mention here: In 1665 “social distancing” orders were in place, empty campuses throughout England, as the bubonic plague raged. Absent from distractions of typical daily life, Isaac Newton's creativity flourished.

(Sir Isaac Newton, English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian and author)


Imagine being in isolation without the Internet, before TV. In 1665, Sir Isaac Newton was 22 years old.

Well, who knows what great things are going to be invented this year?!

Let’s all think outside the box, let’s all re-boot, let’s all think strong and make use of this time.

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