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Your personal energy, body in balance .. want to try wheat-free?

body in balanceI choose to eat without wheat. Wouldn’t change it. It allows me to eat what I want, I eat plenty of the right foods. Might you like to eat without wheat?

Shopping to eat the IYL Way

Follow these simple steps to get started with the It's Your Life Way to Eat. Prepare a list, go shopping, stock up and be ready ..

girl shopping IYL way

Are your Blood Sugar Levels steady?

Is it time to let the food you eat give your body the steady blood sugar levels it wants and needs?

Eating without eating wheat is totally possible!

Eating without wheat is easy to do and, I think, a truly better, less bloaty, way of eating ..

eating without wheat

Eating the IYL Way

IYL way to eatThe It's Your Life Way is my personal way of living, and in particular, of eating .. my aim has always been to bring the body to its best health, boost the immune system, stop any cravings and to stay trim naturally .. and to have sufficient energy to live well and enjoy life!

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