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My daily routine

So I get up, drink water, run, walk or cycle, stretch out. Again drink water, cut a lemon in quarters, drink the juice. Take the Mineral Classic. For my breakfast I have some oats with a mix of seeds ..  pumpkin, sunflower and Chia seeds, flax and sesame seeds ... add some hazelnuts and enough water to cover the combination. I enjoy eating this and, as the seeds are better for you if you grind them up, I either pop them in a grinder or, more often, I just get started with eating them making sure that I chew very well.

Having had the Mineral Classic before breakfast, I then take my Omega 3, Cell Protect and 2 Protozymes with Breakfast. It is a routine. I love it.

My system is armed, won't be hungry for hours... Let the day begin!!

Next time I shall talk about the benefits of Protozymes .. much needed and, as they help beat the bloat, much wanted! When I mentioned stretching out after exercise please know that posture from within and through the whole body is of paramount importance ... good breathing throughout the day!

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