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The IYL Way of Eating (wheat-free)

Look at the photos .. let them begin to inspire you to eat wheat-free .. get started by seeing the possibilities, being sure you have the ingredients .. have some wheat-free foods to hand and some in stock to eat now or cook later. Eating the It's Your Life Way starts each morning with a good drink of water then taking 15ml of Mineral Classic then breakfast.

It's Your Life food ideas

There are many immediately available meals .. salads, sushi, maize cakes, rice cakes, Chinese, Indian .. think about stir fry and think about cooking with quinoa, lentils, sweet potato, aubergine, peas, cannellini beans, butter beans, brown rice, polenta, sweetcorn (maize), taco shells, kidney beans, yucca, yam, tapioca, millet, white rice, idli, cunapes .. always include plenty of green veg and ,especially in winter, soup ..

It's Your Life food ideas cooked foods

Plus there are Protein Balls in the supermarkets too, keep one handy in your bag just in case you are not near wheat-free food at your next lunchtime or at dinner. Then be sure to eat properly at your next meal. Do not go hungry! Respect your body!

It's Your Life food ideas desserts

Eating wheat-free, 3 meals a day and taking my minerals .. that is the SueB way of eating. Hope you love it and all the benefits of eating this way!

With love,
SueB xx

It's Your Life food ideas healthy foods

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