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lady shoppingShopping to Eat The It's Your Life Way

Eating the IYL Way is easy if the right ingredients are to hand. So, when shopping, stock up on ingredients for now and ingredients to have in the kitchen for later. Think about breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes, there will be time to cook and prepare, sometimes there will not. Now let's get shopping to prepare for all eventualities.

Ingredients for Breakfast

  • shopping theIYL wayPorridge oats
  • Seeds .. sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, Chia seeds ..
  • Nuts .. hazelnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts ..
  • Milk .. almond milk, cow's milk, coconut milk ..
  • Optional .. eggs, hash browns, beans .. tea, coffee

Ingredients for Lunch / Dinner

  • shoppingTub(s) of Soup or a tin of soup, or home made soup, or even a cup-a-soup ..
  • Lettuce, lots of green, burgundy, loose leaf, iceberg, or any fresh lettuce ..
  • Vegetables .. broccoli, spinach, kale, courgettes, leeks, okra .. fresh or frozen .. tinned ..
  • Other carbs .. sweet potato, beans, lentils, tacos, quinoa, potato, corn ..
  • Protein — vegetarian protein, fish, chicken, seafood, meat, eggs .. buy lots .. fresh, frozen ..
  • Garlic .. chilli .. spices ..

Dessert Possibilities

  • Natural yoghurt (full fat) with some nuts, perhaps almonds
  • A couple of squares of dark chocolate, perhaps with a hot chocolate made with almond milk

Coffee / Tea Break (optional)

  • Almond milk (or any other milk) with drinking chocolate and, if hungry, a couple of Brazil nuts
  • Chocolate milk
  • Herbal tea

Just in Case

  • 1 Protein Ball (to have in your bag/rucksack/brief case in case you are going to be away from food at a meal time).

shopping list

That's it. This shopping list is not too long!

Preparing to eat the IYL Way is quick:

  • shopping ideasStock up and be ready, don't find yourself running out of the right foods.
  • Don't skip meals and remember, it is more about what you eat rather than how much you eat.
  • Once you have your supplies, you are ready .. ready to start eating the IYL Way!

I hope you enjoy eating the It's Your Life Way.


So let's get started:
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