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Minerals and the Body

Could you be one mineral short?

Minerals supply the drive to get many of our body's functions up and running. However, the body is unable to manufacture or produce minerals so they need to be sourced then supplied or eaten on a daily basis. Some minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium are required in larger amounts. These are known as macrominerals. Some minerals, such as chromium, copper, iron, manganese and zinc, are only required in minute amounts. These are known as microminerals or trace elements. Also, and often disregarded, trace elements play a critical role in maintaining your good health and supporting the body's chemical reactions.

minerals and the body

Figure 1: Minerals and your body

Organising which minerals to take seems complicated, then where to and how to obtain the correct balance of all the minerals the body requires through our diet is difficult.

I take, and have taken for years, Mineral Classic. 15ml each morning before breakfast. Eating the It's Your Life Way starts with taking the minerals.

As a result to maintain good health, almost everyone take supplements on a daily basis.

Mineral Classic - Mineral Solutions - or (especially if travelling) Adult Multivitamin (and Minerals)

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