Daily Routine

Wake Up

  • Drink some water
  • Take your minerals

Eat 3 meals a day

  • Make your meals interesting, include a good supply of protein (meat, fish, tofu, eggs...)
  • Eat more than your 5-a-day vegetables & salad. Feel enticed by your salads... colour, texture, taste... perhaps spice it up or just with olive oil
  • Maybe add a little rice or oats (oats are good, especially at breakfast)
  • Try to lower your intake of potatoes, pasta, pizza and wheat-based products.   Why not eat more maize, avocado, lentils...?

Think about the way you eat

  • Chew each mouthful slowly. Notice the taste, feel the textures, enjoy eating
  • Eat until comfortably full then stop (if you find this difficult, try chewing gum for a minute or perhaps rinse your mouth).Stop eating for a good couple of hours. This will allow your digestive system to do its work, uninterrupted

Don't skip meals

  • Allow the minerals to help you stop eating between meals
  • Keep drinking water throughout the day

Enjoy your day

  • Breathe properly, enjoy every minute!

Don’t eat two hours before sleeping for the night

  • Give your body the rest it needs