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The It's Your Life Way - Daily Routine

Wake Up

wake up get up drink water

  • Stretch .. think posture .. breathe deep .. exhale .. inhale .. exhale .. inhale .. Smile
  • Drink some water
  • Try to get outside, walk or exercise
  • Drink more water
  • Take 15ml Mineral Classic


  • eat until full then stopPrepare and eat a 'muesli' made with oats + a tablespoon or 2 of seeds (sunflower, chia, sesame ...) + a few nuts perhaps 6 almonds. All mixed with water, almond milk, coconut milk or cow's milk
  • Enjoy your breakfast being sure to chew well. Eat until full then stop
  • Have nothing to eat or drink for a couple of hours, allowing the digestive system time to do its work, uninterrupted. After a couple of hours, drink some water, maybe sip some water every so often until your next meal

drink water take minerals eat breakfast


  • LunchLunch is the main meal

1) SOUP which can be home made, shop made, a basic cup-a-soup or even some dhal!
2) SALAD LEAVES arranged prettily on a plate
3) PROTEIN a good portion of protein to suit your choice whether that be fish, meat, chicken, egg, vegetarian protein or ..
4) SWEET POTATO or some carbohydrate from the Sweet Potato Club (such as quinoa, cannellini beans, butter beans, aubergine, squash, lentils, avocado, corn, corn thins, new potato, potato, rice, brown rice .. )

lunch with sopa di mani

  • It seems that eating well at lunchtime satiates the body such that snacking after dinner or in the night is cut to a minimum or eliminated
  • If hungry at any stage drink water to confirm it is hunger not thirst, if it is hunger, munch on a few Brazil nuts or almonds or other nuts, (unsalted), perhaps with a hot chocolate made with almond milk

During the Afternoon

  • Enjoy the moment, notice who you are away from food
  • Be sure to sip water
  • If you choose to, at tea time, enjoy a cup of tea. Maybe green tea!


  • Dinner is a smaller, lighter meal and should include a portion of protein with some tasty vegetables, perhaps cooked with oil and chilli or other spices with little or no extra carbohydrate
  • For dessert choose some Greek natural yogurt with some almonds or perhaps eat a couple of squares of dark chocolate

dinner with protein but no carbs

  • When out for dinner, delight in the Restaurant's choice of protein, perhaps notice and enjoy  the chef's clever use of vegetables, we are now in the year 2019 and the menu choices are spectacular!
  • After dinner: stop eating, ideally to fast until the morning, allowing your body to digest then rest and to have the chance to wake tomorrow morning hungry
  • If thirsty after dinner or out socialising why not stylishly drink some delicious water from an elegant glass? .. I love to do that!

Think about the way you eat

When you know how to eat the It's Your Life Way (IYL Way) .. be sure to prepare well.

  • Each day: Structure your 3 meals to make sure you are eating enough. Especially ensure you are eating enough protein .. think of protein as the muscle builder
  • At least once a week: Stock your cupboards, fridge and freezer with the right foods. Remember it is more about what you eat than how much you eat. Buy for now and buy for the future. Buy in bulk, buy tins, buy sliced meats, sliced fish, prawns, anything that is cooked and ready, have plenty of the right foods ready and available .. do not run out .. save money
  • If having take away try Indian (without naan!), Kebab with salad ..  maybe chips sometimes
  • Buy some Protein Balls. To have ready if meals are not to hand. A protein ball can give you 2 or 3 hours before you are hungry .. time to prepare!
  • Chew each mouthful slowly. Notice the taste. Feel the textures. Enjoy eating
  • Eat until comfortably full then stop. After a few minutes of not eating, notice how good you feel. You in control of you
  • Don't skip meals, if you have taken your Mineral Classic in the morning, have been drinking enough water during the day and have eaten enough at your meal times (especially at lunch), cravings of any sort should be minimalised or eliminated
  • Keep drinking water throughout the day

keep drinking water throughout the day

I hope you enjoy eating the It's Your Life Way.

Maybe set yourself a few 'when to drink water' times. Set yourself a few personal rules. Get things ready. Store successfully. Enjoy this! xxSueB

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