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Modere Aloe Vera

This summer I have been reaping the benefits of taking 30ml of Aloe Vera each morning .. I have been taking my Mineral Classic as normal (15ml) and adding Aloe Vera.

Modere products - Which do I use?

My daily routine involves taking Mineral Classic plus a range of products which together make me feel the body is getting everything it needs.


keep colds away with echinaceaThis is a beautiful, wintery time of year! Stay healthy .. none of us wishes to catch a cold - so have a packet of Echinacea tablets at the ready.

Drink WATER! they say ..

In 2018 it is cool to have a bottle of H2O with you or close at hand. Have some water chilling in your fridge ...

Keeping your body in good shape

When people talk with me about keeping their body in good shape, I like to discuss it because it is something I think about very often and I always hope that I maintain the best I can and I think one of the ways I actually do this is to give my body the minerals it needs...

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