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The It's Your Life Way To Eat

Feeling sure that every time we eat, we are eating the food which will build our "tomorrow's body", I try to fine-tune any food eaten to create the very best "tomorrow's body" possible, especially to include the right minerals, as to function properly the body needs minerals and it cannot make them.

With the It's Your Life Way of Eating, there is a routine which involves eating three meals a day ... Breakfast, Lunch (the main meal) and Dinner ... and includes taking minerals (ideally 15ml of Min Classic before breakfast) and to be sure to drink enough water during the day.

  • To eat properly three times a day.
  • To take your minerals in the morning, ideally before breakfast.
  • To drink plenty of water during the day.

When eating the It's Your Life Way, even if there is a bit of healthy hunger before the next meal, one can know that the next meal with delicious food is coming. Eat enough at those meal times!

Good food, good helpings, the It's Your Life Way, 3 meals a day. Chew well, eat each meal until full then stop eating.

I do not skip meals as I believe skipping meals creates a lowering of blood sugar levels and some kind of slow down in efficiency. Not ideal. So, if I am running around, super busy, and not sure when I will get lunch, I eat a Protein Ball.

I always have a protein ball in my bag as if I quickly eat a neat, nutritious protein ball I immediately have a couple of hours lee-way. Low sugar levels repaired. Calm. This gives me the time to stay on target with the extra workload!

To eat the It's Your Life Way gives me the chance to enjoy 3 excellent meals each day, every day. There are zillions of ideal ingredients to make those 3 meals, I think it is what you eat rather than how much you eat of the right ingredients at those meal times, which gives you the freedom to eat well.

The It's Your Life Way is easy, it's simple and it works.

So let's get started... To find out more, see:
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