The It's Your Life Way - Introduction

Feeling sure that each day we are eating the food which will build our "tomorrow's body", I try to fine-tune the food to create the very best "tomorrow's body" possible, especially to include the right minerals, as to function properly the body needs minerals as it cannot make them.

Each day I eat three excellent meals and drink plenty of water. I start with a good breakfast and at the other two meals, lunch and dinner, I choose, prepare and eat sufficient quality protein with plenty of leafy green salads and tasty vegetables. At lunch I also have something of a soup or a dahl and some extra carbohydrate such as beans, pulses, sweet potato, yucca, quinoa, maize/corn, rice or other non-wheat carbohydrate. At dinner, I have protein with spicy or plain vegetables with little or no extra carbohydrate. At both lunch and dinner dessert is optional and is usually 2 or 3 heaped tablespoons of natural Greek Yogurt with some natural nuts.

I choose not to eat wheat, preferring the way I feel without it. I have enjoyed opening my mind to other carbohydrates, many from the rest of the world, which are now very available here in the UK.  Often, I think, wheat is included as a thickener or a stabiliser, helping products to have long sell-by dates etc, and not necessarily the tastiest of carbohydrates to use. I confirm that I do not eat wheat and have not done so for thirty years. Also, I eat very little or no sugar, very little dairy except some full fat Greek yogurt. If I drink any milk, I choose almond milk.

Lunch and dinner are similar yet lunch has more elements to it and is larger. I believe that if one is full at lunchtime and the minerals were taken that any craving after dinner is lessened or eliminated. Eat plenty at each meal, of the right foods, do not miss meals, I am a firm believer in the idea that, with one's food intake, it is not so much about 'how much you eat' but more about 'what you eat'. So I do not worry about the size of the portions for my protein and vegetables but do keep an eye on my carbohydrates and only eat carbohydrates from those I have mentioned and have listed in the Sweet Potato Club.

With my IYL Way of Eating I do not appear to put on weight, nor do I feel bloated, my digestive system is not uncomfortable in any way. 3 good meals a day. If hungry at any stage away from meal times, drink water to check that it is actually hunger you are feeling, if it is hunger then eat some protein. A little hunger sometimes is actually ok, allowing the “looking forward to the next meal” to occur!

Enjoy each meal. Chew well. Eat until definitely full then stop. Stop eating for several hours to allow the digestive system to do its work, uninterrupted.

An hour or two after both breakfast and lunch drink some water, however, after dinner eat and drink nothing. Mind you, if you need to drink something to feel social or for any reason, perhaps sip some fine water from an elegant glass. I do that and love to do that.

At some time during the day, perhaps at tea time, I might drink a hot chocolate made with almond milk.

It is at this point I can comfortably say that, if I have taken my minerals in the morning and have eaten properly during the day, craving is a thing of the past. What a joy and relief that is.

  • Remember, the body cannot make minerals yet they are essential for the body to function well. I take 15ml of Mineral Classic each morning.
  • Be sure a couple of hours after stopping eating breakfast and stopping eating lunch to drink water, plenty of it. Keep the body hydrated, perhaps 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day, allowing it to function and work well.

This is my way of eating, it is the It's Your Life Way .. it's easy, it's simple and it works. Plus, I believe, it shows respect for the body.


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