The It's Your Life Way

Getting Started

Stand tall. Shoulders back. Breathe deep. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Smile. Decide to get into a routine. The routine to include your minerals (Mineral Classic before breakfast) and three meals a day.

Eat each meal until full, then stop. Eat nothing in between meals. If you eat sufficient at your meals and take your minerals, you should not be hungry. Note: it is not so much about "how much you eat" but more about "what you eat" and letting the minerals and food you have eaten do their work.

For lunch and dinner, focus on vegetables, protein and a small amount of carbohydrate. Make a list of what you wish to buy. Make a list of what you will need for tomorrow morning's breakfast with an understanding of what you will eat for tomorrow's lunch, dinner and every meal.

The It's Your Life Way is simple. Wear some nice clothes. Feel good about yourself. Get a pen or a mobile or somewhere to make a list for your breakfast tomorrow morning. The aim is to eat three meals a day with nothing in between but to be sure that your meals include the right foods so that you do not get hungry in between meals.

So, let's get the ingredients ready for tomorrow morning's breakfast buy or have in stock the following with a view to all future meals.


Lemons/lime, a 2 litre bottle of water, fruit of your choice, porridge oats or quinoa, hazelnuts (6 for breakfast, other nuts to eat with natural yogurt as a dessert at dinner, seeds (either individually or a mixture of sunflower, pumpkin, flax, sesame, Chia seeds) and some pine kernels if you are feeling rich!

.. the morning routine suggests starting by drinking water then drinking the juice of a LEMON or lime .. then eat some FRUIT choose anything you fancy. Then take MINERAL CLASSIC, NUTS and SEEDS with oats or quinoa with almond milk, milk or water. Make a muesli or a porridge. Eat and chew well. Enjoy. Love your breakfast! Then stop. Stop eating for a few hours. Drink some water before breakfast then stop that too, drink water again a couple of hours after your breakfast. Let the digestive system do its work for a few hours after eating. Yes, eat well then stop. A few times a day.

Also when planning your shopping think about your lunch and your dinner. Each day try to make lunch bigger than dinner. Feeding properly at lunchtime should give the body a certain calm to lower the want to over eat in the evenings. At lunch maybe start with a soup .. then at lunch and at dinner fill your plate with pretty lettuces or with curly kale or any other green salad or vegetable then add a second vegetable or salad ingredient .. maybe green beans, peas, aubergine, beetroot ooh when you are shopping just look at the vast number of vegetables and salad ingredients we are able to choose from in this country !! Explore, find colours which appeal .. select .. and enjoy.. Then add your chosen protein .. whether that be vegetarian or fish, meat or chicken or your choice .. choose well in the shops, as you choose for each meal remember which vegetables you have chosen, let your protein be something which compliments your vegetables .. then think to include some extra carbohydrate such as sweet potato or rice or potato or yucca or maize or again investigate .. the order of choice is easiest if you choose .. vegetable, protein, then an extra carbohydrate .. enjoy this ..  buy, prepare/cook, eat slowly, chew well and enjoy ... if you are not full perhaps have some nuts or some natural yogurt and nuts .. or a hot chocolate.. perhaps made with almond milk.. with a few almonds? Ooh, please explore the nuts too... there is a chance when making your choices for you to make the itsyourlife way work as it fits best for you.. eat breakfast, lunch and dinner .. with each meal eat until you are full then stop eating. Find something else to do .. when you think you will pick up food or go to the fridge just move away... walk through the kitchen .. find the place in your home where you do not eat, where you think of other things .. where do not think about food .. it could be texting, walking, sleeping, dancing, chatting on the phone, sorting your wardrobe, working, washing .. love you.. love your hobby .. something away from food which occupies your mind with happiness.

Get Into a Routine

Drink water, plenty of it. 2 litres a day not exactly at mealtimes but from first thing in the morning to 2 hours before you sleep, drink water. Buy a 2 litre bottle of water or use a jug .. anything so that you can encourage yourself and remind yourself to drink plenty of water.

Eat Breakfast, then nothing to eat for 3 or 4 or even 5 hours. Nothing to eat, however, be sure to drink some water about 2 hours after your breakfast, maybe a tea or a hot chocolate or, for some people, a coffee 3 hours after breakfast. Yes, imagine it, will your routine include breakfast at 8am?  For some it will be up at 7am, drink water then run or walk or cycle  for an hour then breakfast, for others it might be wake at 7.55am .. drink water then straight to breakfast at 8am. For others it will be different. To live the It's Your  Life way you are free to choose.
Four or 5 hours after breakfast it is ideal to eat your lunch. Maybe soup, salad and protein in (fish, seafood, meat, chicken, lentils, tofu, beans, halloumi, cheese, eggs .. ). Again eat until full then stop. Nothing to eat for another 3, 4 or even 5 hours. Drink water about 2 hours after lunch. Perhaps a walk after lunch. Easy to know whether one is really still hungry if one goes for a walk.

Maybe a tea at 4pm. Perhaps a few nuts (not salted nuts). Nothing major to eat. Imagine lunch being at 12.30, 1 or 1.30pm. To eat and live the It's Your Life way you are free to choose.

Again perhaps some exercise in the early evening. Especially if no exercise was taken in the morning. Yes, dance? Gym? Walk? Socialise! Shop. Write. Draw. Text. Chat. Email. Act. Watch. Listen ... explore! Who are you away from food?

Do the Same Tomorrow

Get into a routine. Do the same tomorrow and the next day. Email me to say you have started then email me after one week to say how you are getting on…

Embrace the It’s Your Life Way. It’s your way now…


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