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Your personal energy, body in balance .. want to try wheat-free?

body in balanceI choose to eat without wheat. Wouldn’t change it. It allows me to eat what I want, I eat plenty of the right foods. Might you like to eat without wheat?

Stop the snuffles before they start .. Modere Echinacea

Feel a cold coming on? Echinacea on handThe tiny Modere Echinacea tablets are just the job ..

Modere Aloe Vera

This summer I have been reaping the benefits of taking 30ml of Aloe Vera each morning .. I have been taking my Mineral Classic as normal (15ml) and adding Aloe Vera.

Modere products - Which do I use?

My daily routine involves taking Mineral Classic plus a range of products which together make me feel the body is getting everything it needs.

Shopping to eat the IYL Way

Follow these simple steps to get started with the It's Your Life Way to Eat. Prepare a list, go shopping, stock up and be ready ..

girl shopping IYL way

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