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The body needs to drink water

drink waterIt's June 14th it's warm ... the body needs to drink water ...

After sleeping, to wake up and know that the body has done its 'housework' in the night. Feels good.

  •  drink water, allow elimination to take place.
  •  stand tall, breathe deep, stretch.

 This is your day. Shoulders back, posture, hello body ...  Good day.

  • drink water, now in the morning and throughout the day, plenty of water. (I always carry a 500ml bottle of water with me). Keep hydrated. Feels good to keep hydrated. I like to think of all the benefits of drinking enough water. Allow natural elimination to take place. Clean. Natural. Can practically hear the body saying thank you. Thirsty?
  • so, I get up, drink water, then trainers and jogging kit on. I go outside to briskly walk. Fresh air. Dog or no dog. Outside. Air. Fresh. Thoughts. Happy. Smiling. Once home  drink more water, then take Mineral Classic, then breakfast. Shower, skincare, body care, clothes on, make-up.

Then to work.


Coming next time: When I take Mineral Classic I feel calm inside, good to know that the body is getting the minerals it needs ...


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