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Could you be one mineral short?

Do you wonder why you overeat?

Could it be something as simple as the fact that, in your daily diet no matter how excellent it is, that you are one mineral short?

On can ask oneself many questions like:

How many minerals does the human body need? How much of each one? When?

What about the vitamins we need? Again we need to ask how many and how much?

  • Some reports say that we require more than 50 different minerals each day. When we wake up we have almost no chance of knowing whether we need a little more zinc, magnesium or vitamin B12. Nor knowing in what balance for us to have and maintain good health. We do know that we would like an answer.
  • If the body is missing some of these minerals, will it instinctively look for them? Will it hunt? Will it keep eating and eating aimlessly until it finds all those missing minerals? To eat and eat, aimlessly hunting and not finding, causing the human to put on weight and still not feel satisfied. Perhaps eating aimlessly like this until the discomfort of feeling bloated is the only way the human is finally forced the human to stop eating. To sleep with the idea of starting a diet on Monday morning. What a ghastly thought …
  • Ask again, could it be because someone is one mineral short?

Might it be better to address the whole issue by giving your body the minerals it needs, all in the right balance for good digestion and absorption and good health?

Living in today’s busy lifestyle and organising one’s personal nutrition then buying, preparing, cooking and eating the food, all takes time. Then the added factors of the cost and whether to buy organic. All of us make these many decisions daily. Then one asks whether, in today’s food, no matter how excellent our selection and preparation have been, is it still possible that some of the minerals we need are not in the food we have eaten and that we need to supplement?

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