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Do you wonder why you are overeating? Could it be because you are one mineral short?

Do you wonder why you overeat?

Could it be something as simple as the fact that, in your daily diet no matter how excellent your diet is, that you are one mineral short?

One can ask oneself many questions like:

How many minerals does the human body need? How much of each one? At what time of day?

Then to ask about the vitamins we need? Again we could start asking how many, which ones and how much of each one?

  • Some reports say that we require more than 50 different minerals each day. When we wake up we have almost no chance of knowing whether we need a little more zinc that day or magnesium or vitamin B12 or to understand in what balance? We do know one thing, that we would like to have the answer so we can be on the way to have and maintain good health.
  • If the body is missing some of these minerals, will it instinctively look for them? Will it hunt for them by eating and eating until it finds them? Might it eat and eat aimlessly sort of knowing it is putting on weight yet so desperate to stuff just one more mouthful in until it finds those missing minerals? To eat and eat causing the human to put on weight and still not feel satisfied. Perhaps eating until reaching a bloated, uncomfortable situation such that the human is finally forced to stop eating. To then sleep that night with the idea of starting a diet in the morning or on Monday morning. What a ghastly thought …
  • Ask again, could it be because someone is one mineral short?

Perhaps a better, healthier and better way would be to address the whole issue by giving the body the minerals it needs, in one easy mouthful, 15ml = 3 teaspoons with all the minerals in the right balance for good digestion and absorption and good health. I think this is the better way, it is the It’s Your Life Way. To stop the need to question whether one is one mineral short, but to know that one is not one mineral short. Will the cravings and need to eat and eat stop? Would that be a dream coming true?

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