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Mouth Rinse 500ml

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Alcohol-free and with a fresh peppermint flavour, say hello to a happy mouth and fresh breath!

  • Alcohol-free. All the fresh breath happiness, none of the burn.
  • Dissolves food film that clings to the teeth and builds up on the gums.
  • Pleasant tasting - leaves your breath smelling fresh - and may encourage people to want to be closer to you.

We’ve taken a different approach to mouthwash with alcohol free Mouth Rinse. A fresh flavour containing real peppermint oil combines with stabilized chloride dioxide to remove the food films that feed bacteria, keeping the mouth hygienically clean. The result is a happy mouth, fresh breath, and zero burn - so you can actually swish for the recommended 30 seconds.

INGREDIENTS: Water (aqua), sodium chlorite (stabilized chlorine dioxide), flavor (aroma).

USAGE: Eliminate bad breath and promote healthy gums and teeth by using after brushing and as needed. Thoroughly rinse mouth with 1 capful for 30 seconds. In water picks or dental irrigation devices, use at least 2 capfuls.

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