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Daily Routine

Daily routine

The It's Your Life Way is to help you keep yourself slim, fit, active, vibrant and happy. Stop your hunger, take your minerals, be in control...

Keeping your body in good shape

When people talk with me about keeping their body in good shape, I like to discuss it because it is something I think about very often and I always hope that I maintain the best I can and I think one of the ways I actually do this is to give my body the minerals it needs...

Getting the balance of bacteria in your gut correct

protozymesWhen one hears on the News, as we did last week, that one of the ways to maintain good health in our older years and to lower the chance of getting Alzeimer's is to follow a daily routine of good exercise and a healthy diet, we can think that it seems obvious yet we are not all doing it and we must ...

My daily routine

So I get up, drink water, run, walk or cycle, stretch out. Again drink water, cut a lemon in quarters, drink the juice. Take the Mineral Classic. For my breakfast...

The body needs to drink water

drink waterThe body needs to drink water ... After sleeping, to wake up and know that the body has done its 'housework' in the night. Feels good.

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