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The It's Your Life Way - Getting Started

It is important to know that with the It's Your Life Way of Eating, there is a routine which involves eating Breakfast, Lunch (the main meal) and Dinner.

To eat properly three times a day.

To take your minerals in the morning, ideally before breakfast.

To drink plenty of water during the day.

Establishing the 3 meal routine for yourself will allow your body, and your mind, to have confidence that even if there is a bit of healthy hunger before the next meal, the next meal with delicious food is coming. Make the meals count. Good food, good helpings, 3 meals a day. Chew well. Eat each meal until full then stop eating. Recognise being full. Stop eating when full.

Each morning, get up, stretch, drink water (maybe from a large jug of water .. start to notice where you are on your wish to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day) then, just before your breakfast, take your minerals (allowing your body to function efficiently) then enjoy your breakfast the first of your 3 meals a day.

Eat a big meal at lunchtime to help keep any cravings in the afternoon or evening to a minimum. Naturally.

If you do start to feel hungry between meals ask yourself whether you ate too little of the right foods at your last meal?

If the time of your next meal is approaching and you are not feeling hungry ask yourself whether you ate too much at your last meal? Please note, if you are not hungry at breakfast time perhaps think about last night's dinner and whether you perhaps ate too much or ate too late?

Eat the IYL way for a few days and notice the difference. You may have been without the necessary minerals in your diet for a long time. Take your minerals before breakfast and eat the IYL Way .. stand tall, breathe deep, wear some nice clothes .. exhale, inhale, smile! You are on your way to allowing your body to be content, confident and comfortable with food. No longer 'dieting', just learning to eat well, naturally.  Allowing you to be you at your best.

Enjoy your meals. Be ready. Start thinking about your own favourites .. your own favourite proteins, your own favourite salad leaves, your own favourite vegetables .. Start choosing... maybe look at the photos to get more ideas ... choose lots of favourites. You're ready to get started .. get your mobile or get a pen and paper to make a shopping list .. your shopping list!

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