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When there's no time for lunch at lunchtime

Protein Bites are a handy stop-gap, so useful when there is no time for lunch till late afternoon.

Are you eating with respect for your body?

It seem that EACH DAY we are hearing startling reports about the way people eat ..  some are shortening their lives by eating only protein .. others in adult life finding they now have Type 2 Diabetes .. more reports .. WE NEED TO KNOW THAT we must eat protein and carbohydrate with little sugar ... read on ...

Are you happy with your weight? Is over-eating a constant battle?

Do you wonder why you overeat?  Could it be because, with the food you have eaten so far today, you are one mineral short or several minerals short? In its hunt to find the missing mineral(s) is the body encouraging you to over-eat?

Drink WATER! they say ..

In 2018 it is cool to have a bottle of H2O with you or close at hand. Have some water chilling in your fridge ...

The It's Your Life Way

The It's Your Life Way is to help you keep yourself slim, fit, active, vibrant and happy.

When you first wake up in the morning, get up, breathe deep, stretch, think about your posture, drink plenty of water and recognise that, during the night, your body has done its own personal ‘housework’ and should now be ready to eliminate all the toxins and any waste from yesterday. Think about keeping your system clean.

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