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Eating the IYL Way

IYL way to eatThe It's Your Life Way is my personal way of living, and in particular, of eating .. my aim has always been to bring the body to its best health, boost the immune system, stop any cravings and to stay trim naturally .. and to have sufficient energy to live well and enjoy life!


keep colds away with echinaceaThis is a beautiful, wintery time of year! Stay healthy .. none of us wishes to catch a cold - so have a packet of Echinacea tablets at the ready.

The Sweet Potato Club

Sweet Potato ClubWhich carbohydrates make up the It's Your Life Sweet Potato Club?

Anthony Joshua eats the IYL Way

When Anthony Joshua is training the daily diet which keeps his body so healthy starts with oats and continues with meals which are cooked vegetables, sweet potato and steak. This is the IYL Way to Eat!

When there's no time for lunch at lunchtime

Protein Bites are a handy stop-gap, so useful when there is no time for lunch till late afternoon.

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