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Keeping immune system up to scratch

We want our bodies to be working at their best, always.

We want and need a healthy immune system as, even though we have been instructed to stay socially distanced from other people, we need to help the body be a barrier which will stop germs and unhelpful bacteria from getting inside and, if unhelpful bacteria do get inside, we want our bodies to overcome unhelpful bacteria a germs so we can stay fit and healthy.

Information as a major start to support a healthy immune system the Harvard School of Medicine :
"don’t smoke, try to minimise stress, eat a diet with vegetables and fruits, exercise regularly, if you drink alcohol drink in moderation, sleep well and for long enough, take steps to avoid infection such as washing hands frequently, cooking foods thoroughly".

Also, when addressing the digestive system, the Mayo Clinic talks about the importance of the bacteria in the human gut, explaining that there are good bacteria in the gut which we want to help thrive as the health of these good bacteria plays a large role not only in our general health but also it helps promotes a healthy immune system. Eating plants and whole grains helps the good bacteria to flourish and, including foods with live cultures, like yogurt, kimchi and kombucha, adds more good bacteria to the system.

When reading this we can see that what we eat affects the bacterial balance in our gut which directly affects our health and the immune system.

The life in the gut is called the Microbiome. A healthy microbiome is our wish.

Researchers are now clearly showing us that the health of our microbiome is a two way street, if we look after our microbiome our microbiome will look after us. Much research is being done, I talk a little more about the microbiome in my blog Sleep and the Microbiome. The bacteria in our food, especially the prebiotics and probiotics, are directly linked with the wellbeing of the bacteria in the human gut.

At It’s Your Life we take minerals each morning, we eat the It’s Your Life Way and are sure to take Modere’s Protozymes to help with the balance of the bacteria in the gut.

Also taking Echinacea, Omega 3 and Aloe Vera, sometimes Durian too.


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