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The It's Your Life Way is to help you keep yourself slim, fit, active, vibrant and happy.

When you first wake up in the morning, get up, breathe deep, stretch, think about your posture, drink plenty of water and recognise that, during the night, your body has done its own personal ‘housework’ and should now be ready to eliminate all the toxins and any waste from yesterday. Think about keeping your system clean.

... Squeeze and drink the juice of half a lemon, then take 15ml (= 3 tsps) of Mineral Classic and eat your breakfast.

For breakfast, I eat a little fruit such as blueberries or raspberries, prunes or figs, greengages or plums, anything with good fibre. Then I make and eat a “muesli” with about 6 full tablespoons of porridge oats, adding water and a tablespoon or two of the seed mix and a few hazelnuts. Make your muesli as you wish, letting it become your own personal muesli, or perhaps make it into a porridge by cooking the oats then adding the seed mix and nuts.

I enjoy this breakfast, being sure to chew it well. Munch away, knowing that the seeds are all better digested if they are ground or well chewed!

If I wish to lose weight I will stick just to this oat, seed, nut mix for breakfast and have no further carbohydrate but if I feel OK about my weight and simply want to maintain it, or if I have a busy, long day ahead, I will also have some protein for breakfast. Perhaps some eggs, or some sliced meat and cheese, or more fruit, dried fruit, more nuts and natural yogurt.

I do not drink fruit juice. I do not drink coffee (some people do). I might have a herbal tea..

Let the It's Your Life Way allow your body to get its mineral balance up to scratch. When it is up to scratch, you should be hungry at meal times, then not interested in food between meals, even if you are cooking or preparing food for someone else, not interested in quickly walking into a bakery store just because you see or smell bread being baked, not interested in eating anything until it is your next meal time.

With the It's Your Life Way you are in control of your own food intake, you should be able to listen to your body. Eat three meals a day. At each meal eat until full, then stop and allow your digestive system to rest for a few hours. If you get hungry or think you are hungry, drink some water and recognise the difference between hunger and thirst. Look forward to your next meal. Try not to eat between meals. A few hours after you pushed stop from your last meal, you should begin to feel hungry, recognise that hunger and eat your next meal. Eat it, enjoy it, then again stop.

Soon you should know your 3 meal a day system and how to rest the system between meals. Try to rest it well before sleep. To sleep well. Then to wake refreshed and hungry!

Click here for the full Daily Routine.

Keep smiling, think positive, breathe deep.

Happy Autumn xx

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