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Daily routine

The It's Your Life Way is to help you keep yourself slim, fit, active, vibrant and happy.

Stop your hunger, take your minerals, be in control

Wake Up

  • Stretch. Breathe deep. Think posture. Drink some water
  • Squeeze and drink the juice of half a lemon.
  • Take your Mineral Classic (15ml = 3 tsps).
  • Eat breakfast, perhaps some fruit first (fibrous by choice) then oats and seeds with some hazelnuts and water. If you prefer not to eat fruit in the morning, just enjoy your oat mixture.

Eat sufficient breakfast to feel satiated, then eat nothing and drink nothing for a few hours. Allow your body to have time to digest what you have just enjoyed eating, and allow your digestive system to rest for a moment.

After about 2 hours feel free to drink some water, continue to drink plenty of water throughout the morning, then after a 3 or 4 hour gap between breakfast and lunch, select some protein, some salad, some carbohydrate (perhaps a sweet potato or maize and some leafy green vegetables) for you to prepare and eat for your lunch.

Eat 3 meals a day. Breakfast (just described|) nothing for 3 or 4 hours eat lunch then dinner 3 or 4 hours after that.

Make your meals interesting, at lunch and at dinner be sure to include a good supply of protein (meat, fish, tofu, eggs...).

  • Eat more than your 5-a-day vegetables & salad. At lunch and at dinner feel enticed by your salads and your vegetables ... colour, texture, taste... perhaps add flavour with herbs and spices or just with olive oil. Be sure to include leafy green vegetables often to up your fibre intake
  • At lunch add some carbohydrate to your protein, salad, vegetable meal; perhaps by including beans or lentils and/or by adding a little maize, rice or polenta
  • At dinner have protein and vegetables
  • Try to lower your intake of potatoes, pasta, pizza and wheat-based products
  • For a dessert enjoy a few dates or figs or a hot almond milk or some Brazil nuts  or almonds, perhaps with a little natural yogurt.

Think about the way you eat

  • Chew each mouthful slowly. Notice the taste, feel the textures, enjoy eating
  • Eat until comfortably full then stop (if you find this difficult, try chewing gum for a minute or perhaps rinse your mouth). Stop eating. Go away from the food and dishes. Think of something away from food.
  • Stop eating for a good couple of hours. This will allow your digestive system to do its work, uninterrupted

Don't skip meals

  • Your intake of the minerals should help you to stop eating between meals
  • Keep drinking water first thing in the morning and always drink plenty of water 2 or 3 hours after each meal throughout the day. Let drinking water be cool. Choose a 500ml bottle you are proud to have in your hand or a glass you find attractive to drink enough water

Enjoy your day

  • Breathe properly, enjoy every minute!

Don’t eat two hours before sleeping for the night

  • Give your body the rest it needs

Exercise a little or a lot

Notice how good it makes you feel !

Enjoy the moment

Breathe deep! This is your time... personal, fun... think...

poise, posture...

flexibility, grace...

endurance, fresh air, health

Enjoy your life away from food

Love life

Who are you when you are away from food? Content, optimistic, smiling and happy, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your life away from food.

With the correct minerals, you are in control of you and your food. Food is not in control of you.

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